Open to absolutely all levels and strongly recommended for beginners and those new to PHYSIQA. You will receive a basic postural assessment and learn activation exercises, release techniques and modifications specific to your posture type. In this class you will also learn alignment techniques relevant to all PHYSIQA classes.


Better than barre, smarter and way more fun than any “method,” our signature class puts the IQ in barre exercise. Integrating the precision of Pilates, the full-body movement of dance and the benefits of functional exercise, Barrelates is a dynamic cardio/ barre fusion. And it’s NEVER the same old exercises! There is always a new twist and turn or even a pique or grand battement (don’t worry you can do it!), but we always always always move from the core and keep alignment. Once our form is perfect(ish), we just party.

Open to all levels. Prerequisite: Mat Physiq, barre or dance.


A girl’s gotta lie down once in a while. This Pilates, foam roller and yoga fusion class focuses the mind and body on proper alignment and core strength. Don’t be fooled by the mat, it's no carpet ride. This challenging sequence of abdominal, back, leg and arm exercises will help you acquire the strength and technique necessary for faster-paced PHYSIQA classes.


This 35-minute class includes a short warm up, six or seven HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) intervals and a cool down. Torch delivers results and burns up to 700 calories per hour with cardiovascular and strength training. Our intelligent sequencing assists the body in adjusting to the pace and preparing for subsequent movements. This class includes jumping and intense cardio and strength moves. It is not appropriate for Gold clients or those with injuries or acute muscular pain. Please feel free to inquire if you’re unsure whether this class is appropriate for you.


Our very own, Barrelates greatest HIITs. A 35-minute class comprised of six, five-minute intervals of ballet barre exercises (on speed), some modern dance moves and a dash of Pilates. Each interval alternates high and low intensity movements for a fast moving, heart-pumping, leg-kicking, tush-sculpting, express workout that’s over before you know what HIIT you!


When we're so focused on developing strength, working the core, defying age and busting our guts that we don't give our bodies time to recoup, restore and release, we can fall short of the results we crave. To get the best bang for your PHYSIQA buck and bod, self-massage and stretch is essential. Rollout adhesions, stress and tension in this 45-minute class. You may feel so relaxed, we’ll need the PHYSIQA van to drive you home (but we don’t have one …yet!).


For our very special diva PHYSIQAs of a certain age. And yes 60 is the new black… and no you should not work your body the same way you did when you were 30. We respect the hormonal effects on our physiques and work to reverse and prevent the telltale signs of poor posture. No hunching please. This fun and functional fusion class combines Pilates, dance and gentle strength and stretch with a strong emphasis on posture, back and pelvic floor strengthening. You will look and feel so good you may get carded!